Friday, March 29, 2013

30 Day Experiment: Social Media Sabbatical

Hi, everybody! I hope you've been having a great week. Today I wanted to talk about something that's been on my mind for a while.

I've been hooked up to the internet for a long time--since I was around 12. First, it was forums. Then it expanded to social media, and finally reading blogs. While I love how the internet can connect people from all parts of the world, and that's how I've met a lot of my friends, I also think that in a way it's gotten to be detrimental to me, personally.

I was watching Jonathan Field's "Good Life Project," specifically this episode.

And I stepped back and looked at myself and realized that I was one of those people that Jesse Jacobs had built his "tea oasis" for. I was distracted, unfocused, always plugged into the internet and social media. I'm on the computer a lot for my admin assistant duties for my volunteer work, and while I've gotten a lot better at managing my time and upping my productivity, I still am only half-focused on my work. The other half is checking for updates on Facebook.

So I've decided to commit to a social media sabbatical for the month of April. 30 days of no social media, except on the weekends (since, again, social media is how I talk with my friends and I don't want to completely ditch them for a month).

I've unbookmarked all my social media from my main bookmarks bar and put them into a hidden-away folder. Offline, I plan to read more books, watch more movies, play more guitar, and of course hang out with my family and work.

I'll also be attempting Camp NaNoWriMo... long-hand, in a notebook. I'm shooting for 30,000 words. We'll see how that goes.

I'll try to keep you all updated on how I'm doing when I log in on the weekends, and I'll also probably be journaling about how this all is going for me.

Wish me luck!

Do you have any projects you're attempting right now? What are they, and why? Share in the comments!

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