Me on the Great Wall

Hi, I'm Leah Waig. Though I call Texas home, I'm volunteering in Beijing, China for a year (starting January 2013) with the nonprofit Little Flower Projects (LFP) and their sister social enterprise, Assunta Store.

This blog started out as just a place to share my time in Beijing in general--my thoughts and experiences while there.

Then some things happened that shook me up, namely that I started really questioning what value I was bringing to the world, what I would be doing with my life, what I was doing with my life now. My years-long depression reared its head, and I realized that something had to change. I had to stop just reading self-help blogs and actually start trying to live, despite how painful and anxiety-inducing that thought was.

Now, this blog is a place for me to share about what I'm feeling, the good and the bad. How I'm coping with it (or not). My hopes, and what I'm doing to work towards making them a reality, even if it's in baby-step increments.

Because I'm tired of lying in the dirt and allowing myself to beat myself down.

I hope that the lessons I will be trying to learn through experience about coping, happiness, and loving myself and others will resonate with you. I hope to not only chronicle my journey towards attempted healing of my self-apathy, but help others in some way, whether that's shedding some light on a certain area or helping them know that they're not alone.

Now for a change of pace: I like to write, read, knit/crochet, play video games, and sing. I say "dude" a lot, and will jump on any chance to karaoke or play Just Dance. I also enjoy consuming copious amounts of coffee. Mmmm, coffee.

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