Friday, July 12, 2013

De-Hermitizing: Lessons in Thoughtful Patience + Acceptance

My family has developed a habit of half-jokingly saying that I live in my room, only coming out to eat and use the bathroom. After my realization earlier, I've moved my computer downstairs (because that's the reason I was holed up in my room all the time).

I used to value my privacy and the silence of my room, but that was a trade-off for getting irritable and snapping at my nieces and nephews whenever they raised their voices "too loudly" or were annoying me in the slightest way possible.

As you can probably tell, that didn't go over very well, and after it was pointed out to me what I was doing, I've done my best to think before I lash out, and to remember that first and foremost, my nieces and nephews are wonderful people.

I try to remind myself that I should be working on accepting them as they are personality-wise, rather than trying to cram them into a pre-conceived box (unsuccessfully, I might add) of what I think kids should act like (at least around me when I'm in my bubble).

I should add that my nieces and nephews are all generally great kids, not "problem children" or what-have-you. Of course, they're not saints and are wonderfully human, I'm just pointing out that it's not really through any fault of theirs that I get annoyed. Also, I do enjoy hanging out with them when I'm not in my "zone," and just overall I love them lots; insert string of heart emoticons here.

Patience School
So now I'm in the kids' school-room (decommissioned as such for summer vacation), either working away diligently or snickering at funny pictures on Facebook. They have their own computer in there that they like to play games on and such, so I do have to grow accustomed to them talking, laughing, clicking with the mouse, and the sound effects emitted by their games.

But I've already noticed that I've gotten better at "training" myself to snap at others less, especially since making it a point to be patient and consider, "Is this truly a grating disturbance, or can I continue working/watching music videos on Youtube without letting it get to me?"

Your turn to share:
Do you have anything you're struggling at being patient with? Or do you have any advice on how to practice becoming more patient in other situations, around kids or otherwise?

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