Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Brief Rundown... Then Onwards!

Photo by jamie1701 on Flickr; used via Creative Commons license.

Okay, so I'll be the first to admit that I've been negligent in updating my poor little blog. To be honest, I've been mostly helping out in the online store, and as such was feeling that I had nothing of interest to say.

"People won't want to hear about it unless it's about babies!" I thought, since I'm not actually interacting with the children Little Flower Projects cares for, at least not that much. LFP is going through a transition period with their on-site volunteer program, and as such I'd most likely just get in the way at the moment.

A Good System

Not that I don't enjoy working in the store. It's actually really fun packing up orders to be shipped out! I like that I'm moving around (instead of hermiting myself away in my room in front of my computer), and the system that Serena and I have worked out--I pack orders, then she double-checks that I got the order correct. It works out pretty well.

On Focus

But I also haven't been focusing completely on my volunteer work. I'm doing a lot better what with managing my time and carrying out tasks now, but there's still room for improvement in that area. I was feeling like my attention was all over the place, what with volunteering, and wanting to do some of my own creative projects (writing, knitting, etc.), until I had a talk with a good friend of mine and she set me straight.

She helped me realize (whether she knows this or not) that I need to be focused and dedicated to the work that I came over here to do in the first place. Not to say that I can't have time for my own, but during the day when I'm working, I should actually be of the mind that, yes, I am doing work. Not just "helping out," but working.

Now, since making the decision to focus on my work, I'm really exited about it. Since I've decided to be more dedicated to it and to being an actual, helpful asset to my sister, I've gotten some ideas of how I could make better use of my time in that respect.

Your turn!
I'd love to hear from you; what have you been trying to focus on recently, in terms of work or your non-working life? How's that been going for you?

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Anonymous said...

good to hear from you Nephster!
well, i just wrote my last exam yesterday. yay for being off for the summer! :D


Leah Waig said...

Hooray for summer vacay! XD Do you know how you did on the exam?

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