Friday, June 28, 2013

Creative Projects I'm Digging: Games and Music

This post was originally going to be me ruminating over a couple of creative/collaborative projects I have going on at the moment... but then I thought, it's no fun to be a party of one! So I'm throwing in a few other creative projects by people who are not me into the mix. Hooray!

1. Area-X, by zeiva inc. 

I've been following these small indie game makers for a while now... since I was in high school, and very possibly even before that. I fell in love with their art style, and then I played a free game they put out. I was hooked, and I bought their game X-note later on.

It did not disappoint! An intriguing story, writing with personality, and of course great art were what I found when I played. So you can imagine how excited I was when they released their next game in that series, Area-X! I haven't bought it yet, but mark my words that it is definitely high up there on my gaming wish list. I've already heard good things about it.

If anyone's interested in a more in-depth review on X-note, and/or Area-X once I've purchased it, let me know!

2. Project Crown, by Lolita. 

This game-to-be is being worked on by a friend of mine, whom I actually met on another site when I saw her post asking for opinions on a visual novel/otome game idea she had. I sent her a message, she told me her idea, and we kept on messaging back and forth. She's already shared most of the concept art she's commissioned with me, and I have to say that not only is the art gorgeous and intriguing, but I really admire her for carrying through with this project. She's determined to make it happen, even if it may take several years to complete.

3. Princess for Tonight, by me (heh heh).

Photo by esc861 on Flickr, used via Creative Commons license.
This is a song I conceptualized a while back. I immediately REALLY wanted to see (rather, hear) it become reality, but there were two problems working against me.

One, it was written to be sung by a guy. Last time I checked, I was a girl with a very definitely girl voice.

Two, I imagined it being played on piano... and I haven't touched one in years.

For some reason, that didn't really deter me, and I ended up hunting around the internet of all places for people to collaborate with. I did end up finding a pianist and a guy singer to work with, and we're working on getting the "first draft" of the song shipped out to the masses!

It's been a fun project to work on, and a great learning experience because of all the kinks and bumps aplenty in the road.

4. Catrin Vincent, by... Catrin Vincent.

A singer/songwriter and musician, she started following me on another site I'm on, so I checked out her stuff... and when I listened to some songs of hers, I was blown away! It was not (and still is not) like anything I'd ever heard before. Give it a listen!

What about you?
Any projects of your own or from others that you're loving? Share in the comments!

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