Monday, April 22, 2013

Social Media Sabbatical's Almost Done!

Hello everyone, how are you? My month of no social media except on weekends is almost over. I can't say I'll be sorry to see it go, but I also learned some things:

1. I can do this.
2. The world won't implode if I'm not on social media every waking moment of the day.
3. There are other things I enjoy doing outside of social media... I've been doing a little reading and playing some video games.
4. With the amount of time I used to spend on social media, I only spent a fraction of that time actually talking with my friends. The rest was just lurking and moping about being in different time zones.

Also, I've been getting into a more productive rhythm with my volunteer work. Mostly, I'm doing admin assistant-like things for Assunta Store and Little Flower Projects. Occasionally, I work out in the snap room/warehouse (aka the garage), and that's led me to realize that my mood/motivation drastically improves when I take a break from being on the computer and go out and do other things. Get some sunlight. Experience the "real world" a bit more.

Overall, things are going fairly well for me, personal and volunteer work-wise.

I do sometimes feel like I'm just talking to myself on this blog, though, so I'd like to know what you guys would like to hear more about.

I don't really go to the baby home a lot; they're trying to revamp their volunteer program over there, and as such I often feel like I'm just in the way when I go. I've talked to my sister about it and she agrees that for now it might be best to concentrate on my work with Assunta Store and other LFP needs.

And while I'm kept busy with the admin work, I also have to admit that it's not the most exciting thing to talk/write about!

So what would you like me to share more about? Also, how are you all doing? I'd like to hear more from you, too.

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Anonymous said...

i would love to hear more about China and how it's different from the rest of the world.
apart from that, life's been busy. the usual. getting ready for the musical.


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